Designing meaningful and usable experiences

I’m Wendy Steffens, a passionate User experience and interface designer from The Netherlands. I strive to create meaningful and easy to use digital experiences and to always learn new things. I love working in multi-disciplinairy teams. With connected devices all around us, experience design is becoming more and more about creating smart solutions, with the user central in every step of the process.

User research

Customer Journey Mapping

Validating ideas & designs

Sketching & Wireframing

Design native app & responsive web



“Wendy is an ambitious and passionate user experience designer. She distinguishes herself by making deliberate, high-quality interaction and visual designs for apps, (responsive) web and interactive installations. Being an user experience designer of the new digital generation, she has a broad range of skills, including concept development, user research, wireframing, (high-fidelity) prototyping and creating visual designs for the desired experience."

Mariska Rooth, Lead UX Design Branches at ING Bank

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