I’m Wendy Steffens, a passionate User Experience Designer from The Netherlands. I create meaningful and easy-to-use digital experiences and strive to always learn new things. I love working in multi-disciplinary teams with big, hairy, and audacious goals.

Currently at Fabrique strategic digital design agency. Available as a freelance UX designer from October ’21.


Wether your a startup finding your purpose or a big corporation, you’ll probably run into a challenge to match business goals with user needs quite often. What do your users want? How do you service them best? Should you create an app for that? And how should my website behave, feel and interact in order to reach my goal?
A goal can be big and hairy - or super practical. And how do you …
Creative problem finding and - problem solving, user research, context mapping, shaping projects, designing flows, wireframes and prototypes for native app or web, training or guiding your UX design team, scrum mastering a creative or complex project to deliver excellent user experiences
Not sure wether your question would be a match? Need help defining your question? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!