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User experience design | Mobile banking and innovation | 2013 - 2015

At ING I was responsible for the user experience of the ING mobile banking apps. I designed the native experiences for the three big platforms (iOS, Android and Windows) for both phone, tablet and wearable devices. During the 2,5 years I worked in this team I worked on many different projects while shaping the future of digital banking. The apps have won several user experiences awards and all have a very high customer ranking in the different app stores.

The challenge

I worked at the ING Mobile banking team for 2,5 years. During this time I worked on many different projects. The main goal always was to “Empower customers to stay a step ahead in live and in business”. The challenge was to help customers do their daily banking on mobile as easy as possible - updating features customers already knew, adding new features and next to that shaping the future of mobile banking - looking into new ways to empower our customers.


Depending on the nature of each project and it’s requirements I took a different approach. Sometimes it was neccessary to ‘just’ be the advocate of the user in business development teams, but most of the time I was looking into the users needs, talking with business devopers, designing improvements and new features, creating prototypes and supporting multiple development teams.

Personas, Customer journeys & brainstorming

At ING we had the luxury that there were already many high-quality personas developed. These personas helped me get a fundamental understanding of our users and to envision their goals and their customer journey belonging to a new feature. I user personas a lot by pretending to be them as a way of brainstorming and evaluating ideas from their perspective.

Sketching, wireframing, prototyping

When the users' goals were clear, I started sketching. By drawing my ideas on paper I get new ideas and I can explain to others why certain solutions will work or not work to solve a certain problem. It is specifically important on mobile to keep the platform’s guidelines into account. Some interaction patterns are totally different on iOS then on Android or Windows. And I think it is very important to validate my designs in a very early stage. That is why I often make mockups or prototypes - low fidelity in paper or an interactive wireframe.

Usability testing

Our mobile UX team aimed to usability test every design before it was being build and released. I prepared many usability test and prototypes and every test was a funeral and a party at the same time. A funeral because you have to kill your darlings, but a party because it is THE MOMENT you see how real users interact with your designs and it makes me feel so happy to see users care about what you make and give you feedback so you can further improve.

Agile Scrum process, image by Xebia
Agile Scrum development

I worked together closely with multiple development teams to improve and develop features that would be released to the customer every few weeks.

The iOS and Android development teams are located in Amsterdam and the development of the Windows team I collaborated with the development team in India.


I designed for the Mobile banking apps on three native platforms: Android, iOS and Windows. Next to that I set out a clear vision about wearbles in the future of mobile banking. As I told before I worked on many projects including: Accessiblity, Setting your daily limit, transition to IBAN, Loans, Securities, Refunds (Storneren), Automatic savings, Restyling of the iOS and Android-apps, Copy account number, Balance before login, IBAN input support, Design principles, Fingerprint, Inbox for Windows, Optimization-team ING Savings, Google Glass, Android Wear, Apple Watch, Free-me-m (the precursor to Twyp), QR code payments, Beacon concepts and many more.

Of course you can view the up-to-date apps in the specific app stores, but I will showcase some designs here:

Android tablet & phone
iOS tablet & phone
Windows 8 & Windows phone
Android Wear
Apple Watch
Google Glass
ING Hackaton (I love sleep, I never expected to enjoy not sleeping for 24 hours so much!)


iCulture Award 2015 - Best Financial app #1
iCulture Award 2015 - Best Dutch app #1
NUtech award 2014 - Best Dutch app
Web Service Scan WUA! - #1
iCulture Award 2014 - Best Dutch app #2
iCulture Award 2013 - Best Dutch app #1